Asset Protection & Control

Controlling access to important assets is an essential part of enterprise security. A proper system to protect your assets can provide many benefits for your business; increasing accountability plus reducing risk and liabilities. Our secure Electronic Lockers are completely customizable and can be built to suit the needs of your business.

Electronic Lockers

Electronically controlled lockers may be modified in a number of ways to accommodate the needs of your facility. Firearms, medical equipment, shop tools, and many more, are perfect candidates for storage in our lockers. Our locker solutions are in place around the world, controlling access to a range of assets that come in various shapes and sizes. Locker access is controlled by GFMS (TM) Software, allowing these cabinets to integrate with our wide family of SAM (TM) products.
  • Lockers can provide access to your network and power source so that you can charge your electronics while they are in storage. These units come in a variety of shapes and sizes allowing for either wall-mount or freestanding installation.
  • Locker arrangements can be designed as standalone units or they can be set up to work in conjunction with a Security Asset Manager(TM).
  • Designed for hook storage, this type of locker may be outfitted with an inner leaf to double its capacity. Models exceeding 450 hooks are available.
  • SAM(TM) Vel-Key® lockers are designed to accommodate our Vel-Key® tags. Available models can house up to 528 Vel-Key® tags.

SimpleK Management

Take control of your assets, systems, and facilities with this state-of-the-art solution. SimpleK offers a large portfolio of modules, tools, functions & features to overcome challenging tasks of key and facility management. SimpleK is a scalable and flexible solution that can be used as a basic stand alone to thousands of users, from Windows to Web based environment, from tiny to huge scale facilities.

Who needs SimpleK ?

  • Governments, State & City Agencies
  • Schools, School Districts, Universities & Colleges
  • Utility Companies (Electricity, Water, Gas, Telecom, etc.)
  • Health Centers & Hospitals
  • Hotels, Casinos & Resorts
  • Industrial Companies, Factories & Corporations
  • Airports, Museums, Real Estate Company, etc.

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