Smart Key Cabinet 5000B


Our Smart Key Cabinet 5000B is innovative and secure, offering multiple options to access to your facilities’ keys. The cabinet can be accessed through your choice of RFID Keycard, Pinpad, Android/iOS or a physical key.

The secure ID login system will monitor and track exactly who is accessing the cabinet. This is all easily accessible through our included app.

We provide a variety of customized size and capacity options to suit the your facilities’ key storage needs. As these are made to order, please allow approximately 4 weeks for order fulfillment.



Our Smart Key Cabinet 5000B is the perfect solution for storing and managing keys in your facility. With custom size options, this cabinet can be adapted to suit buildings and organizations of any scale. This key cabinet is packed with great features and easy to setup. We are available for support, so feel free to contact us any time if you have any questions or need help with installation.

Easy and Secure

  • Mobile application included for both cabinet access and logging
  • The hooks can hold any style of key ring, allowing users to store and retrieve keys without effort
  • Includes replaceable key tags for easy key identification
  • The inside panels have a dry erase finish and we also include a dry erase pen
  • Easy installation and quick setup

Convenient Access Methods

We are pleased to provide a variety of different access options with our Smart Key Cabinet 5000B. This allows flexibility and convenience for both administrators and users. Choose to deploy one or multiple options for withdrawing and depositing keys. Each key cabinet includes access to our mobile application, which can be used for both cabinet access and logging.

App Access - Android & iOS

  • Access the key cabinet using your phone through our Bluetooth enabled application
  • Provides users with remote access up to 165 feet
  • Logs an audit trail of the last 1000 events and be configured for up to 200 users
  • The application is available on both Android & IOS

RFID Key Access

  • Easily assign access to multiple users using our RFID enabled keycards and keyfobs
  • Provides simple and quick access to the key cabinet
  • Each users keycard or keyfob can be tracked and logged into an audit trail, easily accessible through the application
  • Master keys included for administrator and provides a backup in case of power loss

Pinpad Access

  • Quick access to the key cabinet using pin codes
  • Assign pin card access for up to 200 users
  • Every user can input their PIN code to withdraw or deposit keys
  • Transaction logs and an audit trail attached to each pin is easily access through our downloadable application

Product Brochure

Download our product brochure for a more detailed look at the Smart Key Cabinet 5000B

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