Key Management Systems: Implementation & Benefits

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Physical asset security is a growing need for businesses; with a constant demand for high-performance, cost-effective and integrated solutions that lead to a secure and safe environment. Advanced Key Management Systems tackle these needs with a wide variety of options and features which make them much safer and more relevant to the security needs of today.

Key Management: Implementation and Benefits

A Key Management System generates comprehensive incident reports, audit reports, and statistics for managers. This provides them with information about who took what and when or if keys were not returned by the end of their curfew and alert them through email if someone is attempting to forcibly open the door of the cabinet. A key management system is a vital component of an effective security policy in any and all private, corporate, and government sectors. This is because key security means asset protection.

Managed Key Control can help any organization in reducing and monitoring risk regardless of the size or type of its facility. The automated systems are built to monitor, manage and track keys and issue them only to authorized people. Online monitoring, updating, and reporting capabilities improve a key control system's functionality and add to the overall security plan's integrity.

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Key Management System - Implementation

  • The basic steps in implementing a key management system include:
  • Conducting an analysis of the facility to define all points of entry and locks installed.
  • Assessing the operating needs of the facility and personnel, as well as others who may need to access the facility.
  • Assessing the operating needs of the facility and personnel, as well as others who may need to access the facility.

The first step is to list down each access point and door hardware. The management should then determine which individual has keys, which specific keys they have and which doors they have access to. At this planning stage, it is a good idea to consider projected system growth as what might seem sufficient today may become inadequate in one or two years.

Analyzing operational needs is essential if you want to understand how the facility operates regularly and effectively optimize the use of a key control and management system. These needs could include adding a second language display, auditory prompts or other instructions that can help guide start-up uses.

Evaluating these and other requirements in the development phase will help minimize the interruption of day-to-day operations and ensure the success of the implementation. Whether the unit is a hospital, dormitory, hotel or office building, having a thorough understanding of day-to-day activities will help implement a key management system and help reduce the trade-off between convenience and security.

If a networked Key Control System is designed, any configuration or performance improvements that may need to be implemented will be identified by an analysis of network topology at this point. To optimize interoperability for more comprehensive unified operations, mobile access specifications and compatibility with other security systems should also be reviewed.

To configure a Key Control Solution is as simple as identifying needs and constructing the system with modular components that best meet those needs. The user is entirely responsible for the combination of modules and/or lockers. It is also possible to configure access to key and resource cabinets, with options including an integrated keypad, biometrics such as a fingerprint reader and a magnetic or proximity card reader.

Customizing Key Control and Asset Management Systems with additional security features is also possible to help improve system integrity. For instance, where it is mission-critical to protect asset lockers themselves, installing a remote access system provides extra security.

The guidelines and policies for the use of key management systems are usually compulsory for gaming and prison applications and may also be necessary if the systems are used to access college dormitories or pharmacy areas in hospitals. A simple but clear set of guidelines for the administration and use of the key management system in these and other places would help define areas of responsibility, strengthen access control policies that are already in place, enable better key control and help lower costs associated with missing or poorly managed access.

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Key Management System - Benefits

A key management system helps protect valuable assets and it is one of the best ways to improve your business' security. It’s an easy process that provides control and peace of mind to those who are concerned about the ease of access that people could have to their assets.

To put it simply, Key Management Systems are a way to organize the physical keys that grant access to the premises, whether it's a secure or managed environment. They can give you unparalleled control over who can access your keys with an electrical key cabinet.

This additional and necessary security measure grants access to your keys by authorization. For instance, a person will be required to enter a PIN or serial number to take a key from this secure key cabinet. This only provides access to the key they need, which means that all other keys in the cabinet will remain.

To add more protection to your electronic cabinet, you may also want to use a tamperproof key ring. Without detection, these high-security stainless steel rings cannot be opened, thereby preventing the removal or replacement of property.

In summary, key management systems have many benefits. You're going to be able to control exactly who has access to your physical assets. It also prevents unused keys from being misplaced. Keys are tacked through record-keeping, granting insight into when and which places have been accessed. Taking it is a small step, but key management systems provide a major advantage to your business protection.

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