Customized Key Management Solutions

In today’s fast-changing world, there is a need for the continuous development of affordable, centralized, and high-performing security equipment to uphold a safe environment. Key control systems provide numerous benefits and options to meet the security requirements of organizations.

Before designing any key management system, the security concerns and access points in any business must be identified. We understand that the electrical key cabinet has to be customized to the requirements of each organization. The critical components of an automated electrical key cabinet include a fingerprint scanner, an integrated keypad, and a magnetic card reader. Additional features such as a remote access device can also be incorporated to beef up security.

Elements of a Key Management System that Improve Security

Any new technology requires elements essential to make it more adaptable, user-friendly, and sync-friendly with other systems. An automated key management system is primarily used to monitor, control, and manage keys and only allow access to authorized users. Additional features may be added to improve its functionality, such as reporting, online tracking, and upgrading so that the overall capabilities of the system may be improved.

Electronic Key Lockers CanadaWith this key management system in place, keys can be tracked, users who accessed them can be identified, and if keys are not returned on time, the system is notified immediately to allow a quick response. And by integrating this system with other technologies, greater value can be achieved in the form of saved time and resources.

Customization Allows Improved Functionality

For the achievement of a successful security protocol, installing a good key management system is vital. A quality key management system has a user-friendly design and is convenient for day-to-day operations and system development.

The best key management systems don't require additional memory and can be easily adapted according to your requirements. This may include needing a certain number and type of keys as well as the locations to which the keys provide access. For business establishments that require hundreds of keys or high-value assets in different locations, tailor-made cabinets can be used to build one large facility.

This key management system can also be integrated into other physical security systems that are already placed in the building with the same uninterrupted functionality. These updates are inexpensive, work well with existing systems, and do not need multiple revisions.

Key control systems that use biometrics, proximity cards, and other such forms of identification can be seamlessly integrated into access control systems. On top of that, systems with Ethernet or USB options can be used for alarms, alerts, and overall improvements of the system’s functionality.

Automated Key Management

The use of a capacitive touch screen in key management systems is a visionary take on the technology that adds value to automated key control systems. It allows users to see the display better with improved resolution (800x480) and contrast. This feature helps improve readability and can be presented with additional information such as directions.

These capacitive touch screens are scratch-resistant and come with a glass cover hardness of 7 Mohs and need a stimulus of a little higher than 0 grams to come to life. This level of hardness is important in a system of this nature, which is subject to heavy use. These screens also have a design that can be used to examine key management. For example, it is just a matter of a few clicks for the administrators to know who has which key and when it is due to be returned. Users can also leave notes for other users to see.

The Unitech Difference

At Unique Access, we design high-quality key management systems with room available for customizations to your specific needs. Our systems reduce inaccuracies and offer the best security that any facility needs.

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