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Security is always a top priority for any business regardless of which industry it belongs to. It is very crucial for business owners to ensure that their staff, equipment, and important data are kept safe at all times. A key control and asset management system is a tested solution for managing and safeguarding keys. Keys are stored in an electrical key cabinet that is specially designed and can be programmed to accommodate any type or quantity of keys. The approved users are the only ones given access by the key control software. It also automatically records every key access activity for monitoring purposes.

Electronic key control systems are designed for convenience and security. With features like illuminated key slots, they make it much easier for users to obtain keys and return them back. For online reporting, management is also better able to monitor and track key usages. If any unplanned activity occurs such as a key not returned on schedule or a door left open in the secure key cabinet, an alarm will be automatically triggered and management will be informed through email or text.

There are a lot of advantages to utilizing key control and asset management systems. In this article, we will go over the benefits of having proper key control within businesses.

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Enhancing Security in the Workplace

One of the major advantages of key control and management systems is the improvement of safety and security in the work area. Workplace safety and security helps not just the workers and employers but also their families and the neighborhoods they live in. Be it a small production plant or a huge medical facility, upholding rules and procedures, and integrating security technologies such as a key management system can yield great benefits in the form of an enhanced security environment.

Here are some ways on how key control systems can help improve safety and security in the workplace:

Easily Secure Keys

It is not easy to access keys that are kept in a tamper-proof secure key cabinet without prior approval. Users are required to enter a PIN code once they are enrolled in the program, or show their biometric data or identification card in order to access an electrical key cabinet and take out or return a key.

Easily Track Keys

Keys secured in the electronic cabinets are hooked up to a key fob containing a chip that logs all access operations automatically. This would make resolving unmanaged access and investigating missing keys or stolen properties easier since there are records of exactly who and when certain keys were accessed.

Easily Analyze Information

There is a broad range of business intelligence that key usage data can provide. It may reveal information that can be utilized to help increase overall security such as documenting a daily report of which keys have been accessed, by whom and at what times, or an exception report reporting keys that have not been accessed as planned.

Make System Integration Possible

Important key control information can now be shared through multiple systems allowing additional security measures to be taken. For instance, a person who has removed a particular key would not be allowed to exit the building unless the key is restored. Also, if a certain key has not been returned on time, selected management can be notified by email.

Simplifying the Workflow

The manual signing-out and returning of keys will be eliminated with the use of key management systems. Every access activity is monitored automatically by the system, and its reporting function can also serve as some kind of timesheet that checks the hours that an employee had been working at the site.

The success of businesses such as hotels relies on both sales and costs. One of the simplest and most effective ways of addressing costs is to give more importance to key management with the use of a key control system. There is a need for improved revenue management techniques and hotel key control systems are high up on the list of innovations that can potentially help save money and increase sales.

Improving Accountability & Reducing Liability

Mismanagement and loss of keys can cost a considerable amount of time and money for a company or business. Based on which keys are misplaced or missing, there will be locks that need re-keying and things lost or damaged will have to be replaced. Inventories will have to be taken and investigations will have to be carried out to find out who is liable for losing and misplacing the keys. There might even be a policy assessment that would need to be initiated to help make sure that the keys are managed and controlled better in order to prevent a reoccurrence of the situation.

Nowadays, a lot of organizations are turning to automated key control systems to keep key accountability more restrictive. Modern key management systems offer a wide range of secure access solutions which include biometrics, ID card access and PIN codes. Advanced key management and control systems that are network-enabled can also remotely provide real-time information for tracking and recording data about who has obtained certain keys. When a key becomes overdue, the system can also send text messages and emails.

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Advanced key control and management systems of today have turned into more powerful and effective tools in addressing issues regarding the safety and security of employees and valuable assets. Having information about the legitimate key holders' identities, what keys they possess or have access to, as well as the time they used these keys are all important to help keep the environment safe and secure.

Having proper key control is beneficial to hospitals, casinos, correctional institutions, educational facilities and all other institutions that manage keys and important assets. It is also very useful for anyone who maintains the security in control rooms, conference centres, corporate buildings, automotive businesses, and government agencies. Key control and management systems benefit various types of businesses, providing them not only with improved security but also with higher productivity and accountability of workers.

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