Sports Facility Key Management

Having to fulfill several functions on game days and throughout the year, a sports complex has a lot of security concerns. A sports arena requires multiple services in various areas of the field, as well as different levels of access for staff, players, VIPs, vendors, fans, and many others. The safe flow of large crowds must, therefore, be facilitated. It is a huge task to secure the whole stadium efficiently, while at the same providing proper access to authorized individuals. This undertaking must be accurately done to avoid causing serious security threats. The use of key access control and asset management systems can help guarantee efficient and accurate handling of a stadium's security.
Key Control Sports Facilities

Protecting Various Stadium Areas

Key access control systems can help to manage diverse and tiered accesses that can change as various events take place or as the stadium is used for various purposes. For instance, everyone with keys to the training fields may be barred from the concessions stands, and the other way around. Security officers may quickly configure and reconfigure a key control system to provide temporary access whilst preserving security throughout the rest of the stadium by guaranteeing that only those places are accessed by people with unique accesses. Furthermore, setting two-factor authentication on key management systems could make it necessary for a second authorized individual to access and bring individual keys back to make sure that they are not held by unauthorized people to subsequently grant access to high-risk areas.

Securing Valuable Assets from Theft

Mobile devices are used to make stadium operations more efficient. Small portable devices like laptops and tablets are easily stolen. It is vitally important that these gadgets be secured from theft. Unitech offers effective physical asset management solutions to help guarantee that these units are stored tightly when not being used. Our electronically controlled lockers can be customized to accommodate your facility's needs. Our locker systems are in use nationwide, managing access to a variety of resources in different shapes and sizes. GFMS (TM) software controls locker access, enabling these cabinets to incorporate with our broad family of SAM (TM) products.

Key Management Sports Facilities

Maintaining the Security of Health Facilities

When players push themselves to compete, there will always be a risk of injury. Most sporting teams have their array of health professionals and provide on-site health care facilities at sports stadiums. It is important to carefully monitor access to these facilities to guarantee that medical tools and supplies are easily accessible to health care workers and not accessible to anyone who might steal or misuse them. Key control can assist healthcare workers by guaranteeing that opiates and other controlled drugs can be accurately and quickly administered and held securely locked if not used, with a key that is accessible only to allowed individuals.

Key control systems also make it easy to monitor which persons have entered a drug dispensary or storage place and can send alerts when a prohibited substance is accessed, providing access logs to management and warning them immediately when attempts are made to obtain controlled drugs or breach dangerous areas or valuable equipment.

A sports arena is a vast venue that plays various roles on a given day, housing massive influxes of people from audiences and employees to visiting teams and TV crews. It may take thousands of keys to keep the stadium safe and put in place a wide range of regulations. Unitech’s key and asset management systems help to keep the activities of the stadium operating efficiently and securely not only on game days and but every day.

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