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Retail stores should seize every possible opportunity to promote business operations and make profits in this era of online shopping. Implementing a key management system is among the best strategies to cut down shrinkage and maximize business operations. Malls, stores, and shopping centers use a lot of physical keys to protect access points to their buildings. Risk prevention methods are available for each area, starting with preventing unauthorized entry.
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Access Control

There are many areas of a retail establishment that require access control. This entails implementation of key management and asset protection systems. Ensuring only authotized users maintain access as required. Here are some of the key places to focus on.


Security gates are for many stores the first line of defense. Maintaining the safety of these gates makes it impossible to get into the shop. The security gate keys must be sealed away when the gate and store are open in order to make sure that nobody can make a copy. Approval to take away these keys may be restricted to people who are authorized to close the shop, and may also be restricted to the specific closing time of the store.

Mechanical Closets

The core of operations for retail stores; access to mechanical closets must be restricted strictly to those with legitimate business reasons for entry. A major issue could cause loss of revenue. There isn't just a possibility for vandalism; shop owners or landlords could be personally responsible for any accidents that may occur if an unauthorized person enters the closet and gets injured.

HVAC Areas

HVAC areas include important infrastructure that must be secured from both accidental and deliberate damage. Similar to mechanical closets, there is also the possibility of liabilities that may shut down a retail store.

Storage Areas

Storage rooms can hold a large quantity of expensive goods that require theft protection. You must decide who is allowed to enter specific storage rooms and when in a large store with so many workers. A person with access authorization, for instance, must never be allowed to enter a storage area beyond set hours. If attempted, the management should be alerted as soon as they attempt to take away a certain key from the electronic cabinet.

Outdoor Enclosures

Not only do outdoor enclosures present the same risks when it comes to liability just like the HVAC areas and mechanical closet, but they can also be a place for crimes to happen or offenders to hide, particularly during night-time. To help prevent this from occurring, they should be kept tightly locked and access to their keys should be restricted.

Staff Lockers

Mobile phones, credit cards, and other valuable items may be included in employee lockers. Providing employees with a place to protect their locker keys can strengthen the workplace environment.

Unitech offers a variety of key and physical asset management solutions to secure your valuable resources. Be it a network of electronic cabinets for each shop with the management office's central controls, or a closed-loop system being used in one store, we offer some of the best key control and management systems to handle keys in a retail business.

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