Public Venue Key & Asset Control

Key access control systems promote safety and management goals in several public venues such as concert halls and sports arenas. Entry at these facilities poses a set of challenges that demand specific solutions, as there are a variety of public and private locations and complex structures. Using key management systems helps keep them all safe and accessible.
Public Venue Asset Management

Separation of Areas for Large Employee Rosters

There are a lot of workers in public venues, and many of them need individual permits for certain restricted areas. All of the housekeeping, concessions, and managerial staff need access to various facilities areas. Using key monitoring systems means that workers are only given access to the keys for the places they are allowed to enter, and shows who took which keys to help in protecting the facility from issues of liability.

Key Management Makes Targeted Key Distribution Possible

A huge public venue like a sports arena has a lot of vulnerable areas that may require special approval for access, which include training fields, administrative offices, kitchens, and personal suites. Key management enables local keying in each of these areas as well as unique single users or user groups for each key with different access authorities. Security has reliable control over complicated key distribution specifications through key management.

Cost-Efficient Key Management

There is a range of master keys in most public venues. These master keys could be easily lost or stolen without sufficient controls in place, which would require costly re-keying of large areas of a facility or even the whole venue. Master keys are stored securely with key management, and their retrieval and return are tracked and documented accurately. A key access control system can also yield improved transparency for the master key retrieval, in some cases requiring the simultaneous involvement of authorized users to pick up and replace keys of the most critical areas. Safe storage and accounting for highly valuable keys prevent costly re-keying on huge public venues.

Public Venue Asset Security

Efficient and Reliable Alternatives for Public Venues

Numerous people go each day in and out of public venues. Effective control of access at these sites is crucial for business operations. A venue may have events like an early-day tour, an afternoon rehearsal, and an evening performance. All of these events need different access permissions for staff and visitors, and each one has different security requirements. Key management facilitates easy access to various sections of a complex venue as required, simple key return and key removal transparency, keeping the building, its employees and guests safe and protected.

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