Municipality Access Control

In municipal buildings, including admin offices, police stations, libraries, museums, key management systems are being widely used. With Unitech’s automated key access control systems, keys utilized for government buildings, municipal cars, and alarm boxes can be protected. Key management systems for municipal buildings are designed to store keys securely when not being used and provide a data trail for audit purposes when accessed.
Municipal Key Control

Auditing Key Activities in Municipal Buildings

Our building key access control systems allow you to review any key instantly so that you can identify the person who was the last to take it out when overdue, and its record of transactions. For liability purposes, you may also produce routine reports on users or keys. The system automatically records all information, so you won't have to be concerned about workers failing to sign a retrieval key. Municipal governments will be better equipped in times of emergency by keeping control over who can get access to keys and providing an electronic audit trail of all key access activities.

Acccess Control for Identification of Employees

To achieve a higher degree of access control, reliable key storage, and the ability to program user permissions, most municipalities have switched to facility key access control systems. Key control systems make it possible for licensed staff to easily obtain and return keys using their current ID badges or any other authentication methods, as the managers adjust the level of access controls according to the specific key, user, and shift.

Municipal Asset Control

Simplified Key Removal and Return Configurations

There will never be a long queue of workers waiting to enter a single unit as admins will have the capability to link groups of users with individual key cabinets. Employees can even pick up keys from one cabinet if authorized and return them to another one. Email notifications may also be sent to administrators if keys are not given back on time so they can quickly do something about it.

Customized Key Management Systems for Municipal Buildings

Unitech offers physical asset management solutions that can be customized to suit your needs. To store, audit and handle your keys and properties, we offer various types of electronically controlled cabinets that can be customized to protect a wide range of sensitive items. The two most commonly used key storage methods are direct entrapment and/or Tamperproof Key Rings ®.

Key Management
Key Control

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