Multi-Tenant Building Key Control

Extensive key management is a must for real estate properties, ranging from apartment complexes to commercial office buildings.  There are a lot of people living, visiting or working in these buildings. To handle key delivery and ensure transparency, administration depends on key management solutions. A key access control system provides versatile, safe storage and distribution for building managers.
Multi Tenant Key Management

Key Distribution in Multi-Tenant Buildings Simplified with Key Access Control

Multi-tenant building owners or administrators generally want to keep copies of all the keys in their building units. Likewise, tenants would also want to guarantee that without their consent or knowledge, these keys cannot be freely used or shared. Unitech offers key management solutions to reassure people that their keys are safe and only accessible to the people who should use them.

A variety of methods are used by the Security Asset Manager to secure your keys and assets. We offer direct entrapment in dedicated key positions to achieve the maximum level of security for extremely sensitive keys. The master keys are locked in position to mask their identity and provide complete security against tampering. Tamper-Proof Key Rings® can also be used as an added layer of protection to your keys.

Safe Maintenance Access

When the residents are away, real estate buildings often require continuous maintenance. With a key management system, plumbers or HVAC contractors can be given localized access only to certain areas of the building. Key access control systems also enable the users to leave notes to inform the managers how the key was accessed including any helpful information. The system would alert the management once the key has been turned in. Maintenance workers will be given secure access by the system without any worries.

Key Control for Complex Systems

Using a single shared database, key control boxes can serve multiple properties with numerous units. It is possible to accommodate multiple keys and users on each site through networked storage and access, which can be easily scaled according to the size and needs of the properties. The system can also be designed to restore keys to any electronic cabinet within the network with safe key management.

Multi Tenant Key Management

Simplifying Modern Real Estate Security

Building managers want to reassure residents that only authorized personnel can access their homes and belongings. Key management systems allowing tracked key access and removal would enable users to leave notes to record reasons for retrieval purposes as well as notify residents and staff about the usage of the keys. Showing that an apartment or multi-tenant building is safe and technologically advanced can increase the value of the property.

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