Military Asset Protection

When it comes to physical security; military bases, consulates, and embassies are among the government facilities that are protected the most. A written guideline for the control of keys, identification cards, and handheld devices is provided, just like all the other standard operating procedures inside the military. A caretaker normally handles military key management, keeping track of the usage of keys and documents them physically. The Security Asset Manager (SAM) combines manual processes with automatic monitoring and real-time transparency in support of the rigorous modern military standards.
Military Asset Security

Easy Military Key Access Control and Reporting Without Forms or Logs

Upon demand or through a fixed schedule, the army key access control authorities can manage access efficiently and review the present status or transaction details of any key. Caretakers can produce successful management reports with the use of military keylogging programs that track key transactions according to date, time, and user code. Delinquent keys, irregular key usage, and lists of databases that highlight the configuration of the system are also documented in these monitoring reports. This guarantees that whenever you need certain information, you can always get them without having to search through paperwork piles.

Customizable Military Key Cabinet Modules 

Customizability is one of the qualities that make military key access control systems very beneficial. Unitech's electronically controlled cabinets and lockers can be modified in several ways to fit your facility's needs.  We can customize modules to accommodate firearms, handheld radios, or large laptop lockers. GFMSTM Software manages access, allowing these lockers and cabinets to integrate with our other SAMTM products.

Here at Unitech, we can help you transition from a legacy key management system with minimal interference to your military activities.

Asset Management Military Base

Secure Key Access Control Systems for Government Buildings

A variety of key and physical asset management techniques are used by the Security Asset Manager SAMTM to secure your properties. The two most widely used key storage methods are by direct interception and/or Tamperproof Key Rings ®.

We offer direct entrapment in designated key positions to achieve the best level of protection for highly sensitive keys. Your master keys are locked in place to ensure that their profile is concealed as well as to provide complete security from manipulation.

You also have an option to use our patented Tamper-Proof Key Rings® to add a layer of security to your valuable assets. Without detection, these high-security stainless steel rings cannot be opened to prevent the removal or replacement of assets. They will also ensure that the items that were taken from a safe match the returned items. Such rings can be either solid or flexible and are available in five different sizes.

Unitech streamlines key monitoring while enhancing security, minimizing paperwork, and preventing the loss of your site's keys and properties.

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