Logistics Key Management

All products and the trucks that are transporting them are susceptible to misuse and robbery. In order to commit their crimes, thieves routinely target delivery and receiving stations, tractor-trailers, warehouses, and distribution centers. A multi-layered solution that integrates security technologies is used by supply chain and logistics security experts to protect products.
Physical Asset Security

Stronger Security in the Logistics Industry

Key access control systems are among the most workable solutions available for security technology. To keep them safe and hidden from the eyes of opportunistic thieves, valuable items can be kept under lock and key. Key access to storage areas can be controlled via an electronic key management system such as the Security Asset Manager SAMTM, which releases keys only to pre-authorized users.

The SAMTM can be personalized to protect a wide range of sensitive items and uses a variety of ways to secure your assets. The two most commonly used key storage methods are direct entrapment and/or Tamperproof Key Rings ®. We offer direct entrapment in dedicated key positions to achieve the highest level of protection for extremely sensitive keys. Your master keys are locked to hide their profile and provide complete protection from manipulation.

Secure Lockers

Unitech offers electronically controlled lockers to secure personal items like two-way radios or tablets that are used in a distribution center or warehouse. These secure lockers can be customized to store any type of physical asset. We are also able to modify and install these cabinets to fit in with the needs of your facility.

Our locker systems are in use all over the world, managing access to a variety of resources in different shapes and sizes. GFMSTM software controls locker access, enabling these cabinets to integrate with our wide SAMTM product family.

Sensitive Asset Protection

Tamperproof Key Rings

To add a layer of protection to your most important assets, our proprietary Tamperproof Key Rings ® can also be used in combination with our electronic key safe. Without detection, our high-security stainless steel rings cannot be opened, restricting the removal or replacement of items. Our rings confirm that items taken from a safe match the items returned as a single-use security device. Tamper-Proof Key Rings ® can either be solid or flexible and are available in five different sizes.

Tamper Proof Key Ring

The protection of shipping and receiving stations, tractor-trailers, warehouses, and distribution centers is crucial to the Canadian supply chain's economic success. Managing access to keys, products, and other items of value can be achieved successfully via Unitech's proven, automated and effective key security and asset management technologies.

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