Law Enforcement Asset Protection

To ensure smooth movement of cases, all levels of law enforcement require careful storage of firearms, evidence, and other valuable resources. Key evidence should be properly stored and protected when not used, and significant or hazardous items should not be misplaced or taken away. There are several reasons why physical asset management solutions for law enforcement implementations are now becoming an important technology.
Law Enforcement Physical Asset Control

Securing Items in Safe Places

Mobile devices such as laptops and tablets are used in law enforcement on a regular basis to help simplify everyday tasks, store important information, and use analytics apps like plate number recognition to make law enforcement more precise and effective. Securing such items when not in use needs tremendous security considering that mobile devices for law enforcement contain sensitive case information with stringent legal protection. To help ensure that mobile devices are properly stored and protected when not being used, a physical asset management system offers constant records of where these devices are placed in the system, who has taken away or brought them back, and the time when those actions have taken place.

Monitoring of Dangerous Items

In a lot of law enforcement situations, items like firearms that are unattended, unsecured or untracked can pose hazards and risks. For instance, when a law enforcement officer has to enter a courtroom, they might need to inspect or secure their gun or some other highly dangerous items. Guaranteeing a way of securing those resources and make them accessible only for those with the right authorization as well as sending alerts when assets are stored or removed from a locker will help make sure that such risky items do not get into the hands of the wrong people or put anybody in danger.

Law Enforcement Asset Security

Keeping Track of Items in a Facility

Multiple lockers that are all interconnected can comprise a physical asset management system. This enables law enforcement to monitor firearms, portable devices, and other properties throughout a facility, such as a police headquarters, a courthouse, or a municipal building. For instance, a laptop can be stored inside a locker in a certain area of a precinct, collected by an approved officer and then placed in another part of the facility where the person who needs it next can easily get it whilst being monitored within the system to make sure that security personnel are constantly informed of who removed or returned the device and which locker it is presently contained in.

Law Enforcement Key Control

Staying Informed about the Locations of Valuable Assets

The main user of a device and other licensed staff will stay up-to-date on the retrieval and replacement of that device through email notification. This would make it much easier to account for lost devices, evidence, or firearms, and more impossible for any individual to mishandle or steal them. Using an asset management system for items with significant evidential use helps to ensure the safety of evidence for court proceedings.

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