Hotel Key Management

Keys are regularly used in hotels. Each time a guest checks in or checks out, they go back and forth through the front desk. Housekeeping and maintenance workers must also use them all day long. Keeping track of all these keys is an arduous but necessary task for managers and owners. This is why it makes total sense for hotels to have advanced key access control systems.

Though not typically accessible to visitors, hotel key control systems provide secured access to room keys and other valuable assets that can be stored on the premises. An efficient system for managing and accessing keys is a must if the objective of the hospitality service provider is to give the best customer experience possible.

Hotel Key Security

Hotel Key Monitoring Software and Reporting

Facility administrators can efficiently control reporting and system access capabilities through incorporating a hotel key inventory program. If a worker, for instance, has missed work and then another employee needs to cover for that person, the manager can allow remote access to an electronic key cabinet instead of physically going to the site's location just to release a key. Unitech's key control software for hotels can run and organize activity reports based on various requirements, enabling management to produce valuable information to help reduce access control problems.

Efficient Monitoring Of Key Access and Notifications

To access or return a key from the electronic cabinet, what you need is a pre-programmed access control card and all key activities including the person's name and the time are recorded automatically. Notifications will be sent to the shift manager when a person attempts to remove a key that they are not allowed to use or exit the premises without handing back a key.

Key and Physical Asset Management in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry has everything to do with building trust. Guests must feel like they're in good hands, and a key access control system can help with that. The possibilities of anyone attempting to enter a guest room even if they aren't welcome there are significantly reduced by limiting access to only those staff who should have the keys at that time. It is also faster and easier to identify and deal with any misconduct since the system still maintains detailed logs of people who have used certain keys and when. Hotels that have more control over their keys can give more trust and peace of mind to their customers.

Hotel Key Control

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