Educational Facility Key & Access Control

Maintaining safe facility operations on school or university premises introduces unique challenges due to the large number of entrance points and restricted areas. Key access control systems can be designed to monitor access to dorms, research laboratories, and administrative offices to facilitate campus security.
Campus Key Control

Campus Key Access Control Systems to Reduce Liability

Keys can be lost by students or faculty members, but you can have a backup key for each classroom, laboratory or dormitory with Unitech's campus key access control systems.   School administrators can demand a record of transaction each time a campus key is removed permanently from the electronic key cabinet. Our campus key management systems also ensure secured locking of computers and database closets to guarantee the safety of confidential personal information.

Avoid Costly Re-Keying

If in case a master key gets lost, re-keying can potentially cost a lot for a university. With the use of a school key access control system, restricting the use of master keys only to approved individuals and locating the keys needed is much easier to do. There will be an audit trail that will make sure that you can identify the last individual who used a certain key. Specific keys for particular areas can also be grouped on tamper-proof key rings.

Unitech’s Tamper-Proof Key Rings ® can also be used in combination with our electronic key cabinets to add a protective layer to your most important assets. These high-security stainless steel rings cannot be opened without identification by the system to help prevent the removal or replacement of items.

Asset Management

Physical asset management is also important in schools and universities. Our electronically controlled lockers can help maintain the safety of personal belongings such as laptops and mobile devices in security departments and other vulnerable areas. These lockers can be configured as standalone units, or they can be set up to work jointly with a Security Resource Manager. This will provide monitoring, control and reduce liabilities for your organization.

Electronic Key Cabinet
Education Asset Security

Streamlined Key Management for All of the School's Departments

To help in protecting sensitive data and highly valued properties, the use of master keys should be restricted in campus administrative, maintenance, and security departments. This would also keep accessibility to authorized persons while guaranteeing that every locked door can be opened while on an emergency by police officers and campus security personnel.

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