Data Center Access Control

Whenever a company colocates its servers and other equipment with a data center, it needs to know that the facility would do its best to prevent unauthorized access to those assets. Access control should be therefore incorporated into the data center's strategy to physical and logical safety measures to guarantee that the facility retains high levels of transparency and control over who manages colocated resources.

Physical surveillance technologies such as video monitoring and incident response are widely used to secure data centers, equipment shelves and computer rooms against external threats. These security measures, if incorporated with the key access control of the data center, could prohibit passage for unauthorized staff and those who would cause deliberate harm.

Data Center Security

Control Access to Equipment

You have to keep your data and equipment protected from physical threats when you own or lease a single server cage inside a data center facility. Only licensed people must have access to certain hardware when there is a need for maintenance. Until the system validates that the user has unique permissions, our electronically controlled cabinets will not open.

Unitech's electronic cabinets come in various types and can be configured to protect a wide range of valuable items. A variety of approaches to physical asset management are used by the Security Asset Manager (SAM) to protect your assets. We offer direct trapping in specific key positions to ensure the highest level of protection for highly sensitive keys. Your master keys are locked in place to hide their identity and provide complete security against manipulation.

Tamper-Proof Key Rings ® can also be used in combination with our electronic key cabinets to add a protective layer to your most important assets. All keyrings are individually marked by a permanent serial number, and each of them is pre-distribution etched to enable identification in case of tampering or replacement.

Data Center Asset Security

Efficient Monitoring & Reporting

SimpleK key management system monitoring and reporting include a record of everyone who took a key, when it was removed, and when it was returned to the key cabinet. Running of reports can be scheduled regularly and automatically sent to the management. Also, the comprehensive reporting system will help monitor and enhance procedures, guarantee the honesty of employees, and reduce safety risks. To help arrange key sets or accelerate the removal of more than one key for a particular purpose, you can group keys together on tamper-proof key rings.

Key Management Software

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