Correctional Facility Key Management

We offer several styles of electronically controlled cabinets to store, audit, and manage your keys and assets. You can personalize these devices to secure a wide variety of sensitive items. The two most widely utilized methods for storing keys are through direct entrapment and/or Tamperproof Key Rings®. Access to assets is assigned to one or more users based on configuration through GFMS software. PIN access is the standard, however, a host of other access options are available.

Correctional Facility Key Control

Key Access Control Systems Increase Accountability

Key management systems from Unitech provide control and transparency through processing and monitoring of prison keys. Guards and licensed users have access only as approved by the system administrator to particular prison key cabinets. Day shift workers, for instance, are unable to use cell keys past their regular scheduled work hours and do not have key access to a restricted pharmacy or healthcare facilities. All keys should be returned to the electronic cabinets after use. They also cannot be shared between workers because the system will recognize if a user has returned a key or if another person has turned it in instead.

Customized Key Cabinets for Securing Portable Devices

Used for storing and monitoring precious items like firearms, notebook computers, and cell phones, storage lockers are now becoming more popular in correctional establishments. Unitech offers electronically controlled lockers which can be customized in various ways to fit your facility's needs. Used all over the world, our locker systems come in different sizes and shapes and can manage access to a variety of properties. GFMS technology controls locker access, enabling these cabinets to be used in conjunction with our other products.

Our electronic lockers can provide connections to your network and power source, allowing you to charge your devices while they are stored inside. Such units can be set up for installation either wall-mounted or freestanding. These can also be configured as stand-alone system or designed to work with a Security Asset Manager (SAM).

Sensitive Asset Protection

Correctional Facility Key Rings Offer Convenience

Modern technology has also made it possible to hold several facility keys on just one key ring. Tamper-proof locking devices and distinctive authentication systems allow versatility in adding or removing prison keys without breaking the key ring. The tamper-proof keyrings can also be conveniently stored by legitimate users with their allocated passcodes in key access control systems.

The patented Tamper-Proof Key Ring provided by Unitech secures your keys with uncompromised strength. Without detection, these high-security rings cannot be opened, thereby preventing the removal or replacement of items. They come in five different sizes and can be used on their own or in combination with our electronic key safes.

Tamper Proof Key Ring

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