Construction Access Control

With minimal risk and high rewards, thieves take advantage of the opportunity to steal construction machinery; particularly from construction sites that are unprotected. This causes serious problems for construction firms. Apart from having to pay for the cost of replacement of the stolen equipment, there is precious time and money spent on filing police reports and insurance claims.

Construction Site Asset Securities

Key Usage Monitoring on Construction Sites

Construction equipment theft has become a big issue for the owners of construction sites. Additional costs linked with stolen construction machinery include leasing new equipment, productivity loss, project delays, and higher insurance premiums. Besides reputational damage and potential business opportunities, delayed schedules can also lead to missed deadlines that could result in fines and penalties.

Securing a construction site is very challenging and difficult to do, and security technology such as key management systems plays a major role in dealing with this issue. Key access control systems are an effective defence against building site equipment theft, particularly for temporary trailers and toolboxes, which have keys that change hands regularly. Costly items would be kept away from the sight of opportunistic thieves, under lock and key.

Key and Asset Control

An automated key control system such as the Security Asset Manager (SAM) can control key access to storage areas by releasing them to authorized personnel only. It will also make it less difficult to resolve any cases of security or theft by providing monitoring data that would give the management a record of the individuals who have accessed the keys and the times of access.

Physical asset management is very important in avoiding theft in construction sites. Many of the thieves choose to steal small but valuable objects like tools, costly machine batteries, and important documents. Unitech offers a variety of electronically controlled cabinets to keep, audit, and manage your assets and keys. Such tools can be configured to protect a wide range of sensitive items. The two most commonly used keys storage methods in our electronic cabinets are by direct detection and/or Tamperproof Key Rings ®. Access to properties is distributed via GFMS code to one or more individuals based on the setup. PIN access is the standard used, but there are also a lot of other options for access to choose from.

Key Control

Theft in building sites has forced contractors to reassess their security policies. It is easier to control keys, important materials and equipment, and personal items on a construction site through key access control systems. By making it more difficult for criminals to access your keys and equipment, they are less likely to become a threat to you and your property.

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