Casino Key Management

The gaming industry is possibly the most regulated among all industries that need key control and management and has the most in-house locations. Key access control and management systems are a perfect solution for casinos and gaming facilities to protect mechanical keys and other expensive items. Using Unitech's Tamperproof Key Rings a permanent serial number uniquely identifies our high-security stainless steel rings. Before distribution, each ring is engraved to enable detection if replaced or tampered with.

Only authorized persons with an approved user code or a pre-registered fingerprint access keys stored in an automated key cabinet. The security staff can set authorization levels for each user and management can make any changes right away when the system has a connection to the network.

Furthermore, security personnel can also add key management systems to protect and limit access to cabinet keys that are used to store items like chips, dice, and game cards. Additionally, key access control systems provide an audit trail of data about each client accessing the program, that helps comply with federal, state, and tribal requirements. Knowing exactly who has taken what key and when is crucial to any casino or gaming facility's access control and safety plan.

Asset Security Casinos

Compliance to Security Regulations

Security regulations are defined by various government agencies for casinos and gaming facilities. Laws that regulate casino security may vary from region to region. To prevent penalties or business disruptions and to maintain smooth operations, all casinos and other gaming establishments must make sure to keep compliance with regulations.

Key management and control are crucial points in compliance with gaming regulations. Many of a casino's most susceptible and heavy-security items and areas are accessed and protected by physical keys. Key regulations include the processes necessary to access drop boxes beyond set hours, the number of signatures needed to access keys, and the conditions for a user to receive multiple key approvals. To verify that a gaming organization properly adheres to regulatory laws, all must be reported and/or documented.


Apart from compliance with regulations, having information about who took which key and when, as well as the time the key was returned, is important in order for a casino to show accountability. One problem most casinos have, for instance, is logging in and out of the floor keys. A team of workers would take money away from the casino floor to be accounted for in other areas all through the daily gaming hours and then wait for a supervisor to log the keys out in the presence of security staff, which is not necessary and just a waste of time and effort. A key management solution such as Unitech’s electronic key cabinets can reduce the waiting time for employees to receive their keys.

There would also be an audit trail of critical information of each individual who has access to a key control system. All the access activities, such as time date, table game number, and the reason for access and signature are automatically recorded. The system can also be configured to match the processes needed to access drop boxes beyond set hours to the number of signatures needed to access highly classified keys. If keys are not returned on time, warnings are sent so that urgent action can be taken by the people in charge.

Usage records produced by a key access control system offer useful data for analysis or forensic reasons. Required reports can monitor key activities by date, time, and user code and audit reports that monitor keys that are in use, overdue and inconsistently used. Reports can be routinely scheduled and produced as required for emergency cases. A physical security system with key management and control that is strategized well produces a powerful defense and accountability system.

Gaming Tables

With plenty of CCTV cameras specifically installed and used not just to comply with gaming laws and inspections but also to identify suspected cheaters or other forms of thefts, gaming tables are areas where security is at its strongest.

Drop boxes for table games are an essential piece of casino equipment. For security and protection, chips are gathered and added to the drop box. Typically, the drop box is a secured metal case that can be locked to prevent theft or tampering. The case is placed near the table to the side of the dealer. Most drop boxes are usually designed in a way that only the manager's key can remove the chips that are placed inside.

Drop boxes often involve a huge array of inspections to guarantee that a casino complies entirely with the regulations. For staff members who sign the table game drop box keys in or out, rules for some regions may require additional reports on the time, date, table game number, reason for access, and signature to be retained. An electronic signature involves a unique PIN or card of the worker or authenticated and registered biometric identification of the employee via an automated key security system.

Casino Key Management

Unitech's key access control systems feature a program that allows the user to configure all of these and other forms of custom reports which can be run and presented to management on a regular schedule automatically. The comprehensive reporting system will also help the casino to track and improve procedures, ensure honesty for employees and reduce potential security risks. Only printed documents can be accessed by auditors without requiring access to key sets. Furthermore, comprehensive SMS text messaging and emailing enables the keyset user or selected management to accept notifications automatically when identified key sets are retrieved and/or returned together with chosen alarm notifications.

Customized rules can also be used to configure key management systems in a casino setting to comply with the three-man legislation for sensitive or controlled key sets, typically a member of the drop team, a cage cashier, and a safety officer. To identify these key sets, the system can be programmed to grant access to them only when the three necessary logins are done. Alternatively, when these keys are requested, notifications can be set up to warn security staff through text and email to keep management updated if certain keys have been withdrawn or replaced.

Staff Lockers

Everyone has a mobile phone nowadays to stay in touch with friends and loved ones. Staff at the casino is much the same. Most workers of casinos use gadgets like tablets to provide high-quality service to their customers.

Electronic devices with sensitive data that are tiny enough to be lost or stolen in places such as locker rooms for employees or other casino areas pose a risk of liability to any casino that uses them. Another threat when mobile technology is important to a company is the chance that a phone or tablet could be remotely linked to a hacker's device to either steal information or use the device as a gateway to the system. If mobile devices are lost or stolen, replacing them and securing new devices can be expensive. They might be even more expensive if they are used to access a network or information. Hence, securing and preserving these devices is important.


Lockers for asset management can considerably reduce the risk of using mobile devices. With safe lockers that are only available to authorized individuals, it is easy to guarantee that sensitive devices with important information are only taken and replaced in a timely fashion by authorized users when needed. Physical asset management lockers can be easily added to your current access control system, making them easy to use for your staff. They can even monitor what inventory has been retrieved in a locker through RFID technology. They can also provide a variety of other information to your security staff such as notes linked to a particular device by a user indicating use or timestamps for when devices are retrieved or replaced.

We cannot underestimate the benefits offered by an asset management locker system to protect mobile devices. Setting up lockers for asset management will make tracking valuable mobile devices and other assets easy and efficient, potentially reducing the threat to your company if they were lost or stolen. They can also make tracking assets within the system simple and can be incorporated with the other parts of a security system. The expense of stolen mobile devices could be greater than you can imagine and investing in an asset management system can be a secure and cost-effective alternative.

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