Cannabis Industry Key & Asset Control

Cannabis is a fast-growing industry that is regulated by the government as it has been recently legalized. The law requires cannabis distributors to develop and execute detailed security plans outlining how their company will be track inventory and maintain security.

The safety standards for marijuana cultivation facilities and dispensaries include safe storage vaults, strictly controlled entry, full security camera surveillance and environmental monitoring in cultivation areas. Government officials should also be able to log in remotely to the security system.

Cannabis Access Control

Reduce Losses and Increase Accountability

If you are in the cannabis industry, physical asset management is very important. Financial and product losses can occur due to employee theft, robbery, and inadequate company monitoring. Key access control systems enable you to control access to specific keys. Deciding who can remove each key and getting details about who took that key and when it was picked up is made possible, allowing you to handle your keys remotely, easily and safely.

Various types of electronically controlled cabinets are available from Unitech to store, inspect, and maintain your keys and property. Such tools can be configured to protect a wide range of valuable items. The two most commonly used keys storage methods are direct trapping and/or Tamperproof Key Rings ®, which serve as one-time security devices that prohibit the removal and replacement of assets. Access to properties is allocated via GFMS code to one or more users based on configuration.

A variety of procedures are used by the Security Asset Manager (SAM) to protect your assets. We offer direct trapping in specific key positions to achieve the highest level of security for sensitive keys. Your master keys are also locked to conceal their identification and provide complete security from manipulation

Cannabis Industry

It is crucial to remain on top of ever-changing security standards and regulations in a rapidly growing business like the cannabis industry. Your safety plan will include documented, convenient-to-use techniques to protect your facility's physical keys and control access to sensitive assets. Physical key control is an important part of an extensive safety plan from the center of production to the retail distributors.

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