Asset Control for Banks

It is important to simplify processes, protect assets and reduce liabilities wherever possible in the financial industry. Unitech's key management systems can help you with all of that. Our key access control systems will help you secure, monitor and manage each key in your facility by transforming every one of them into a data point. You can cut losses and improve operational productivity by minimizing manual logs susceptible to errors.

When you are in the banking and finance industry, securing physical keys is one of the most fundamental and important things that you need to consider. We offer you electronic key management solutions that would make everything easy for you. We have many types of electronically controlled cabinets for storing, auditing and handling your keys and properties which you can customize to protect a wide range of valuable items.

Banking Key Control

Key Access Control Systems for Banking and Financial Institutions

Banks use many keys for offices, safe rooms, cash drawers, and database closets which must all be kept safe. Banking managers must also create a detail for each key, including when and who used the key. All suspicious activities should also be identified, and there must be real-time notifications sent to the authorities to get a quick response from them.

A key management system's tracking functions simply compliance with required regulatory laws. Having a key access control system makes it possible to produce a wide variety of reports. This can be done automatically or upon request. There would be a report that records information such as who on the day an alleged cyber-breach happened took off with the key to the database closet, or who managed the key over the past six months.

Providing Simplified Solutions

Physical asset management is made easier with our Security Asset Manager (SAM) as it utilizes a wide range of alternatives to protect your property. We offer direct trapping in specific key positions to ensure the highest level of security for highly sensitive keys. We also make sure that your master keys' identities are hidden and ensure that they provide complete security against manipulation by locking them in place.

To provide more security to your keys, we also offer you our patented Tamper-Proof Key Rings.  Without identification, these highly secured rings of stainless steel cannot be opened, thereby preventing the removal or replacement of property. The rings also help in checking that the items taken from a safe match the items returned as a single-use security device.

Bank Asset Control

Extending the functionality, information and transparency of your security program can be achieved by combining the key monitoring system with your access control and other connected security equipment. This degree of knowledge is crucial in detecting criminal behavior in the aftermath of an accident. Banks and financial institutions must ensure the integrity of the money and the data entrusted to them beyond the security and protection of customers and employees. Key control can make a major difference in minimizing risks and restricting liability.

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