Airport Access Control

Access control in airports has historically been accomplished through electronic systems that utilize electrically operated doors and ID cards.  Nowadays, technologies are continuously developing, playing an increased role in access control solutions which include identity management and integration. Such technologies help in improving situational awareness and overall security by allowing airport security to track facilities and staff better and share information across multiple systems.
Airport Key Security

Key Access Control Systems for Airports

Here at Unitech, we offer you the finest in airport key access control. We understand the importance of physical asset management. We will assist you in securing and monitoring not only the entry for repair, maintenance, and other facilities but also your important assets stored in them.

Our airport key control systems can be utilized to keep keys to susceptible areas of an airport that are prohibited from the general public, such as operational spaces, ramps, and other display areas for security identification. Furthermore, these security systems operate as an airport shuttle service and ground staff fleet management solution as well.

Key Access Control & Reporting

The new technology in airport key control systems now helps security management staff to combine human resources and access control systems that allow identity card data fields to be filled and programmed automatically.

Unitech’s airport key management solutions allow admin staff to set permissions for each key, employee, or work shift throughout the system. Our systems use state-of-the-art SimpleK Management that provides a wide range of modules, tools, functions, and features to overcome key and facility management problems.

Protecting More Than Just Keys

The improved access control and credentialing technologies of today will help address many other security concerns facing the management of airports. With key control systems from Unitech, you have a standard, scalable solution that is ideal to secure keys, weapons, and portable devices that need to be properly accounted for outside of security checks.

Key Control
Asset Control

Reducing Losses and Strengthening Accountability

Our electronically controlled lockers can be changed to meet your facility's needs in several ways. Our lockers are perfect for storing weapons, medical equipment, shop tools and much more. Our locker solutions are in place all over the country, controlling access to a variety of assets in different shapes and sizes. Our software controls locker access, enabling these cabinets to integrate with our wide range of Security Asset Manager (SAM) products.

A variety of methods are used by the Security Asset Manager (SAM) to secure your assets. We offer direct trapping in specific key positions to achieve the highest level of security for highly sensitive keys. Your master keys are encrypted to mask their profile and provide complete security from manipulation. The two most commonly used keys storage methods are by direct detection and/or Tamperproof Key Rings.

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