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Physical Security is a developing industry where there is a continuous demand for new high-performance, cost-efficient, and centralized alternatives that help maintain a secure and safe environment. Specifically, enhanced key control systems meet those requirements with a wide variety of choices and features that make key management systems much safer and more effective for the security needs of today.

When customizing a key management system, security concerns within the business should first be identified. Afterward, a system will be designed with modular components that address these problems. The user will be the one to decide for the right combination of modules and/or lockers. It is also possible to customize access to the electrical key cabinets. The options usually include biometrics such as a fingerprint reader, a built-in keypad, and a proximity or magnetic card reader. In addition, key control and asset management systems can be designed with added security features to help improve system integrity such as, for instance, installing a remote access device.

Design Elements That Improve Key Management System Performance

One of the most important steps in producing a technological innovation is developing features that would make the product more flexible, simpler to use,  and easily incorporated into other parts of the system. Key management and control systems nowadays are built with capabilities that improve and allow the management's capability to establish a more secure environment.

An automated key management system basically manages, controls and monitors keys, and distribute them only to approved users. To improve the functionality of the system, certain features are added which may include online tracking, upgrading, and reporting capabilities which contribute to the overall security program's credibility. Those who handle security operations can decide which cabinet a key should be kept in or which keys are eligible for access.  They can also identify who accessed which keys out and for which area and what time they are expected to be returned. If keys are not returned as planned, the system automatically sends email notifications to the management to enable faster response.

A key monitoring system's compatibility with other systems and its access to the network give it greater value and flexibility. Its capability to integrate with existing systems saves time and resources. These features make it possible to customize the system to meet specific requirements. It is now easier to install electrical key cabinets and locker modules whenever and wherever it is necessary. Using a single console, each additional module can also be managed and tracked via the software.

Key Control System Customization for Improved Usability

To make sure that an overall safety operation reaches its maximum capabilities, choosing and installing the best key control system is a must. One of the main characteristics of a high-performance key management system is that it should be easy to use. A key monitoring system that is well-designed provides a simple and effortless operation from system design and implementation to regular use and management to system development.

There's no need for additional memory or operating systems for the best types of key management systems. These systems can be customized easily to suit certain requirements such as key quantity and types, as well as the number of locations. To accommodate hundreds of keys and other valuable items in multiple sites, several cabinets may be used to build one fully functional system. Add-ons like these are easy to set up into the system at the start or later on as required for system solutions such as lockers or remote boxes.

The same type of efficiency also happens when combining the key monitoring system with other physical security systems in buildings or facilities. Fully operational key management technologies can be introduced without expensive updates or revisions when key control systems are configured for customization with other security devices. Key control systems using biometric identification or proximity cards, for instance, can be used together with access control systems that have the same user authentication technology. Those that have Ethernet and USB interfaces and inputs and outputs for alarms and relays can help guarantee the functionality and compatibility of the system.

Key Management Cabinet

Automated Key Management Developments

The launch of key control systems with improved capacitive touch screen technology has become a significant breakthrough in automatic key control. The larger LCD screens of these advanced key management systems make it easier for anyone to see the display and allow additional information to be shown on the device. Information such as content and directions are presented in bright colors and high contrast, along with an 800x 480 resolution to better ensure outstanding readability.

Touch screens that are capacitive type are built to resist scratches with a glass front cover rated at 7 Mohs hardness but need only an activation force of just a little over 0 grams to operate. This exceptional toughness is very crucial in automatic key control systems since the devices may be subjected to heavy usage. Key cabinets used at a car dealership, for example, are subject to regular day-round access operations, as cars are taken out for test drives or driven throughout the property.

Key management systems with capacitive-type touch screens also include an efficient interface that can be used for querying key operations. By just a few hits on the screen, the security administrators can quickly and effortlessly find out who has accessed certain keys or when it is already time to return a specific key. Users also have the option to write notes and leave messages for the other users.

Unitech Makes it Easy

The design, customization, and execution of key control systems are simple but tedious tasks to handle. Threats within the business continue to change depending on the internal and external working environment. At Unitech, we make every effort to design and customize the best automated key control systems based on the requirements of our customers. The automated key management systems that we develop help in reducing the effects of human errors and provide the security that any type of business or facility requires.

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