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GFMS 3.0 Videos

 GFMS 3 Access
 First Time Root
 System Status Screen
 Main Navigation
 Location Time Zone
 View All Assets in One place
 Creating a SAM
 Deleting Deactivating a SAM
 Adding Customized an Asset Profile
 Remote Release
 Checking SAM Users
 Checking SAM Status Acknowledging Alarms
 Checking Asset Status
 Acknowledging Asset Alarms Asset Violations
 Correcting SysMaint Alarm Faulty Key Count 4 0 Command
 SAM information page How to find IP Firmware Information
 Creating Custom Email Alerts
 Text message alerts from Email
 Creating Dual and Triple PIN Rules
 Dual Triple PIN Login at SAM
 Building User Group Hierarchies
 Create and Assign Spare Assets
 How to add a new SAM user basic
 Additional User Info Editing Users details
 Software Privileges for Admins Sub admins
 GFMS Timezones Soft Timezones
 Assigning Assets to a User no group
 Editing User Profiles PIN PSWD
 User Deactivation Delete Temp Deactivation
 Creating User Groups Adding Users
 Adding User Groups to a SAM Assigning Assets
 User and Group Privileges in Detail
 System Groups
 Sub Admin View System Groups
 Site Map Setup
 Config Overview
 Rebuild A SAM Queue
 Scheduled Reports
 Custom Reports
 GFMS Search Bar
 Reservations User Roles Access
 Creating Reservations
 BONUS Show Card ID saving hack

GFMS 2.5 Videos

 Add new SAM
 Edit SAM
 Add & Conf. Asset position
 Check SAM Status
 Create custom E-mail Alerts
 Create Dual & Triple PIN rule
 Add new SAM User
 Create a User Group
 GFMS TimeZone
 Assign SAM Asset to a user
 Create System Group
 GFMS Queue
 Build User Group Hierarchies
 SAM Privileges
 Changing Root Admin Password